'The ultimate natural fibre supplement for horses.'

All natual legume hulls

High fibre and naturally cool with no grain or molasses

Can be added to any diet, it is the perfect replacement for grain

Low sugar and starch level, suitable for laminitic and tying up horses

Non-grain, high fibre energy supplement made from legume hulls and lucerne leaf meal. Provides cool, natural energy. Perfect replacement for grain.

Packed In: 20 kg Poly Bags

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  • Legume Hulls
  • Lucerne Leaf Meal
  • Lupins
  • Cold Pressed Canola Oil
  • Salt

Nutrients Supplied By EasiFibre®

Pryde's have formulated EasiFibre® to provide a balanced nutrient intake based on the knowledge of the specific needs of horses and the nutrient content of common feeds. Formulations are updated regularly as new research findings become available.

EasiFibre® provides the following nutrients:

Daily Feeding Rates - EasiFibre®
1kg Oats
replace with
1 kg EasiFibre®
1kg Corn
replace with
1.1 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Barley
replace with
1 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Bran
replace with
0.9 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Pollard
replace with
1 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Rice Bran
replace with
1.1 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Lucerne Hay / Chaff
replace with
0.7 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Oaten Chaff
replace with
0.6 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Wheaten Chaff
replace with
0.6 kg EasiFibre®
1 kg Oat Hulls
replace with
0.4 kg EasiFibre®


For the best results with EasiFibre®:

  • The feeding rates should be used as a guide. The amount fed will depend on the quality and quantity of pasture, hay and chaff available, along with the horse’s body condition, growth rate and stage of development, pregnancy, lactation or level of work.
  • Feed in conjunction with good quality pasture, hay and/or chaff.
  • Divide the diet into two or more smaller feeds if feeding more than 0.5 kg per 100 kg of body weight/day.
  • May be fed moist with an equal volume of chaff.
  • Introduce into your horse's ration gradually over a period of 1 - 2 weeks.
  • EasiFibre® is not a complete feed and must be fed as part of a balanced ration.
  • Clean, fresh water and a salt lick should be made available at all times.

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