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Riding Disciplines



Jeremy Steinburg


Magnus Spero (Karl), BL About Time (Harrry)


Karl -Holstein, Harry-Hannovarian

Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

Evie Ropiha - believed in me and inspired me from a teenager to become a dressage rider.                                 

Describe your riding history:

Evented to 3*Level until 21 years old, then travelled and trained overseas before coming home to focus on Dressage and Coaching as my livelihood.

I have produced many horses from young to GP and helped many people with their own training produce good Dressage and Eventing horses.

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

Riding - 2 Burkner medals and finising 3rd in GPrix to Brett and Rachel 2 years ago.

Producing horses to the highest level and love how it is an art where you are always learning more .

Coaching - helping so many people have success in dressage/eventing dressage and an appreciation of it.

What are your ambitions?

To produce my own horses to the best of their ability and to help others do the same. Along the way hopefully earn a place in NZ teams.

Have you trained or coached any riders who have had success?

Lots-and had many great experiences and opportunities arise from it.

Special care and management considerations of you horse(s):

My goal is to feed and show my horses in optimum health and condition. Also to keep them in a good routine and produce happy well trained horses.

Which Pryde's feeds do you use and why do you like them?

EasiSport – is the base feed-good for all reasons listed

Protein Plus for topline/energy

Prydes Oil –Fat-Energy

EasiRide Young horses and horses that are in bigger condition

Easi Result –add some for a little extra

How will Pryde's Sponsorship make a difference to you?

Will help me make sure I am feeding the right stuff with confidence. Will help make my dollars go further and help me invest more in training. Help me become more knowledgeable.

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