Wendi Williamson

Riding Disciplines



Various international coaches including Charlotte Dujardin when I was in the UK and when she comes to NZ, German trainer Jörn Kubelke.


Dejavu MH, Don Amour MH, Bon Jovi MH, Presley MH, Don Vito MH are my current competition team


All are Hanoverians bred in NZ by Matthews Hanoverians

Describe your first pony:

My first pony was called Peanut and he was my poor parents first go at having a pony. He was very naughty and would get out regularly, running down the main highway in Whatakane, causing my parents and the neighborhood lots of grief. I learnt stickability.

Describe your riding history/achievements:

I Evented because that’s what you did at pony club and I Evented through into my late 20’s. I would do very well in dressage but was the worlds slowest cross-country rider. I switched to dressage in around 2000 and have trained all my horses from scratch. I feel that is my biggest achievement, you make lots of mistakes along the way but it is the only way to improve.  Winning the World Cup Qualifier in New Zealand and traveling around the world to compete in international competitions with my self-trained Grand Prix dressage horse Dejavu MH is a huge highlight to date.

What are your ambitions?

I hope to return to the international scene and represent New Zealand at more pinnacle events such as World Equestrian Games and the Olympics. Most of all I want to continue my passion, to train young horses through the grades to Grand Prix.

What do you require from your horse feed?

Dressage horses need to be hot and responsive yet relaxed, it’s a very tricky dynamic to get right.  My favorite feed is EzySport, a non-grain high protein feed that delivers a good feel for most of my team.  I have some horses that require a bit more energy and muesli based feeds like Result and Performance are great.  We have lots of youngsters at home so I require good quality balancer nuts and a good conditioning feed for those that don’t do as well as others.  150 Pellets and EzyBreed cover out youngsters requirements.