Top 10 Reasons Why Pryde's EasiFeed is Different


1    Only the best quality ingredients 

When it comes to the ingredients we use in your horse’s feeds we are fussy (to say the least). Raw materials are specially selected, and once they arrive at the mill they undergo a series of tests to make sure they are up to our standard. Anything that doesn’t meet our tight specifications is sent back to where it came from.

2    Same high quality ingredients in every bag 

At Pryde’s, each feed has its own set recipe that is used to make that feed day in, day out. This means you get the same high quality product in every bag of feed you buy. We don’t least cost mix any of our feeds.

3    Feeds are made in a dedicated horse mill 

We place the highest priority on feed safety for your horses. To make sure nothing ends up in our feed that could hurt your horse, there are no drugs, antibiotics, ionophores, hormones or urea kept in the mill, so they can never end up in our feeds.

4    Regular feed analysis 

We have our own in-house, high tech laboratory that is used to constantly monitor feed protein, moistures. Feeds are also regularly and extensively tested by an independent laboratory for protein, mineral and heavy metal content to make sure what we say is in the bags is actually in there and that there is no contamination with heavy metals.

5    Quality Assurance Programs 

Pryde’s EasiFeed is a Feed Safe accredited mill, with all feeds being produced under the ‘Feed Safe’ code of good manufacturing practice.

6    Family owned and operated 

Being a family owned and operated company, you will always get personal service with Pryde’s. And with the feeds carrying our name, we are dedicated to ensuring only the very best quality feed goes into our bags.

7    Customer Service  

We are dedicated to supporting anyone who needs help with feeding their horse. So whether you have one horse or 100, if you need help we are only a phone call or an email away, try us.

8    Easy to digest  

Research over the last 20 years has proven the benefits of extruding feeds for horses. Extruded feeds are super digestible, so they are used efficiently by horses, meaning you can feed less for a better result. They also eliminate the problems caused by feeding uncooked grains.

9    Protein, protein, protein  

A major point of difference between our feeds and other feeds on the market is protein quality. Pryde’s EasiFeed uses premium quality protein from soybean supported by excellent protein from lupins and faba beans to give your horse the best possible proteins available. We NEVER use poor quality protein sources like cottonseed meal in our feeds.

10  Range

We have a feed to suit all horses and all budgets. If you are not sure which feed is best suited for your horse, use our free diet analysis service for a professional assessment of which feed you should use.