Margaret's Old Timer

Hi There,

I found your product on the internet about 10 months ago, was looking for something for my 28yo anglo who has trouble eating because of the lack of teeth.  I only wish that I had taken a photo of him before I started him on his new diet.  No one believes me when I tell them his age.  I have 2 other horses, 16.2h 12 yo & 16.3h 5yo thoroughbreds. Everyone is on feed no 4 mainly for convenience and they all love it.  They are all doing well on it too.

I have attached a couple of photos, thought they might give you a laugh. Its of ‘Harry’ my 5yo 16.3h thoroughbred.  He always tries to follow me into the feed shed … and mostly succeeds and pinches feed from everyone’s buckets, so I put an empty bag in the door way not knowing what would happen, but there must have been some crumbs in the bottom. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks again for a great product.

Kind regards,

Margaret, Vic

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