Using other feeds "just because"

Hi  Pryde's,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your feeds.  I have always used Mitavite, not for any reason "just because".  

My friend Tasch was helping my daughter with her 16hh TB and went to Tasch's place for some training.  He had not been ridden for a couple of weeks during the wet cold snap and when we took the rugs off him we could not believe how quickly he had lost his top line and weight.

Tasch worked out a feeding plan using your products with the emphasis on feeding him your Rebuild Product twice a day.  We were blown away by the results in just 14 days.  Unfortunately I did not get a photo of Sunny at his worst (probably too embarrassed) but have attached two photos the first one at Day 7 and the second on Day 14.

We have had problems with this horse being too hot and has reared badly in the past so I was very nervous on changing his feed 1 week out from the State Eventing Titles my daughter was competing in at Yepoon.

I am now a true convert now to Pryde's EasiFeeds and Tasch is helping me work out a maintenance plan using your feeds and am so very very happy with your product. His coat looks fantastic, his top line has built up and his is very calm.  Our horse had no sign whatsoever of rearing and my daughter said that on the Cross Country he was the best he had ever been and had no problem in bringing him back after the gallop.

I will be certainly spreading the word on the benefits of Pryde's Rebuild and would like to say thank you for your wonderful product.

Kind Regards,

Sue Boor.

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