Hoof Problems

What are Hoof Problems?

Hoof problems e.g. dry/brittle hooves are commonly caused by:

  • Poor base nutrition including vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Lack of quality protein in diet

To promote healthy hooves, ensure the horse has a quality base diet that meets all its vitamin and mineral requirements. If the horse is on pasture alone, ensure it has a vitamin and mineral balancer pellet to make up for any shortfalls in the pasture. Protein quality plays an important role in hoof condition. Quality protein sources include Extruded Full Fat soyabean meal, faba beans and lupins along with good quality forage. Supplements that enhance hood condition will typically include quality protein (amino acids) and supporting nutrients.


Pryde's EasiFeed Products That Can Help

PolishedNew copy.png

When to use this feed

Use Polished when additional biotin, organic zinc and essential amino acids including methionine are needed for hoof growth and strength.

Feed it With

Polished can be added to any balanced diet.


When to use this feed

Use Protein Pak when additional high quality protein with essential amino acids is required to support strong hoof growth.

Feed it With

Protein Pak can be added to any balanced diet.


Other Tips

Make sure your horse's diet is balanced.

Keep hooves regularly trimmed or shod. Where appropriate.

Encourage as much movement as possible to promote blood flow and hoof growth.

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