Adam Ford

Adam Ford 17 yr old from Kaikoura. I’ve lived in Kaikoura my whole life. Currently yr 12 at Kaikoura High School.  I play at area level Rugby, Basketball, Touch, Running, Biking and horses. Because of my other sporting commitments I have at the moment only one horse in work

Riding Disciplines:  

I have chosen to focus solely on Show Jumping as it allows me time in the winter for my Rugby.


My main Coach would be Vaughan Jefferis and at home Brother Jack.


My current horse is Golden Mile (Mauri) who is 11 yr gelding by Colando. This season we are jumping at Junior Rider 1.20\1.25cm.


I have been riding since 3 years on minty starting competing in A&P shows at the age of 4,   choosing to do all aspects of riding, until 2 yr ago when decided to focus on Show Jumping in the Summer so I can continue my Rugby in the winter. Have been the Pony Club system gaining my certificates along the way.

My Ambitions at the moment is to continue to ride successful while at school then if the opportunity arises for me the travel with either Horses or Rugby will do so.

The thing that I enjoy most about feeding Pryde's EasiFeed is that all the feed rations are completely balanced, easy to feed and very consistent.