Sophie De Clifford

Riding Disciplines:



Vanessa Way


Competition horses - Alamo BL, Kinnordy Golda  


Both are Hanoverian Alamo BL is by Anamour, Kinnordy Golda is by Gymnastik Star

Describe your first pony:

To begin with I had hand me down ponies from my older sisters but when I was about 7yrs old I got my very own 13.2hh skewbald pony named Sirdah. He was never very fast at games, never went round enough for dressage and wasn't pretty enough to win in the show ring but was an honest pony who did everything he was asked. His down fall was his tendency to bolt on the hunt field! 

Describe your riding history/achievements: 

After a few years of pony club I got my first real show pony at age 10. I competed successfully in the show ring and also the show hunter ring until I was 15. At 15 I focused solely on dressage with a great level 3 pony, 'Lord Cavalier' and was then lucky to get my first horse. Endless Gossip, a 14 year old PSG horse who taught me how to ride everything from the Grand Prix, although I wasn't overly successful in the competition arena on him, I certainly learnt a lot! I then moved onto a young horse who I trained to PSG level and sold as I had the opportunity to work in Germany for Isabell Werth. 

After two years at Isabell's stable I came home and we purchased a 9yr old mare, Ashbury Dolly who became very successful at PSG level but was forced into an early retirement due to her soundness. She is now my broodmare.

Then Ashanti came along and won almost everything we entered from level 2 up to level 7. Sadly we lost her in February this year due to illness. 

Alamo BL and Kinnordy Golda are my current hopes for the big sport with a few youngsters waiting in the wings.

What are your ambitions?

I aim to continue to learn to be the best horse person I can be. The world championships is my ultimate goal and ensuring I enjoy every day as I work towards this goal with the horses happiness and well-being at the core of my focus. 

What do you require from your horse feed?

I require a feed that I can trust! I need to know that every bag will be the same. Feed needs to contain the nutrients required for my horses to keep their condition and perform at top level without having to feed them a tonne each day. The feed must be easy to digest and contain good quality protein. I love Pryde's EasiFeed as there is a great range to cater for all of my horses needs from broodmares, foals and spellers to my busy competition horses with excellent costumer service if I have any queries.