Jack Ford

21yr old from Kaikoura. Ive lived in Kaikoura forever, grew up here and work full time here for an Earth Moving business (Ford Bros Ltd). I work as a part time Farrier in the local area as well. Currently have 2 beautiful horses in work and competing.

For the past 3 winters I've been doing some training abroad with top Show Jumpers in USA. NZ Olympian Kirk Webby and Grand Prix rider Matthias Hollberg. I spend around 5 months riding and helping out in their stables throughout the east coast of the states.

Riding discipline:

Show Jumping


Vaughan Jeffreis has been a awesome coach of mine for many years.


Oracle Xtreme. 8yrs bay gelding by Orame VDL. BMW Leo Silver. 14yrs strawberry roan gelding by Ramirez.

My first pony:

Cloudy 10h white mare. The most perfect first pony. I would hop on her with just a halter/rope and ride around the farm, while I was only 4yrs old.

Riding History:

I've been riding/competing forever, but only really starting Show Jumping when I was around age of 15. Before that I just traveled to all the local

A&P shows to do all the show flat classes and hunter jumping. I've had plenty of great results and achievements over the years but competing in the main ring at Horse of the Year once a year is one of the best feelings I've had riding so far.


Continue to ride, learn and improve to one day represent New Zealand in Show Jumping.

What I want from my horse feed is the reliability and reassurance of knowing I'm feeding top quality feed to my horses. A safe, manageable, healthy and nutrition filled diet.