Jacinda Younger

Riding Disciplines:

Dressage and my two girls Claudia (9yrs) and Olivia (5yrs) are dipping their toes into the Showing waters this season, as well of course as Dressage.


John Thompson - his lessons put the joy back in the sport for me!  


Donnerubin - Double cross Donnerhall/Rubinstein and Rohdinger Rohdiamant x Stedinger/Ramiro Z  

We have a 18month old colt CDS DonStar (Digby) (Donnerubin x Gymnastic Star/Australian PSG National Champion), his full brother CDS Donnernastic (Percy) yearling colt and hopefully a Totilas x CDS Donnerflew (Donnerubin x Flemmigh/Weltmeyer) colt cooking at the moment that we have kept for riding Stallions.   

My girls have three ponies as well:

Good As Gold - an English riding pony champion Pony Saddle hunter and

Dancia SF - Hilkens Denali x HOYS POY 4year old freshly broken warmblood and 

My littlest little person has welsh ex Stallion - Lakewood Gideon - lead rein extraordinaire!


Our stallions are Oldenburg, young stock are all 100% European bloodlines and ponies are English Riding Pony, German Warmblood Pony and Welsh.

Describe your first pony:  

My first pony was Goldie, she was 14.2hh and barely trotted she was so old, I would dress her in all my Sisters ribbons and sit on her with no saddle or bridle often!!  I was riding her from 2years old.   Then at 8years old I had my first proper pony who was 12.2hh and called Pebbles.

Describe your riding history/achievements:  

I am most proud of my HOYS Level 1 Championship Title win on Donnerubin, because he was my baby.   He arrived in the Country at 6 months old, I'd raised him from then on.   He was my first young horse, my first stallion, and at the time of that HOYS he had only just been under saddle 9 months, he was only 4years old and had just finished a full breeding season that summer.     

I am for the same reason extremely proud that when we start Grand Prix this summer he will be not only my first Grand Prix horse, but we understand the first time in NZ history that a Dressage Stallion has been raised from a foal to Grand Prix with just one rider, and a rider who hadn't ridden above level 5 before him!

I am also very proud that as a breeding Sire, he was the highest represented Sire in the Level 1 and 2 National Championships.    So from his first two breeding seasons - who are old enough now to be under saddle, a huge number of them are now National and Regional Champions themselves as well as series title winners and award winners on a National Level.

What are your ambitions?  

To compete for my Country and/or for Donnerubin to be the sire in turn of horses representing our Country.    To keep him happy and health for a long Grand Prix and Breeding life.

What do you require from your horse feed?  

To fuel to engines of both high performance dressage horses in upper levels and breeding stallions.